ANT 2511 8 April 2011 - -Moved bipedally-Retained...

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ANT 2511 8 April 2011 1. Australopithecines in South Africa Caves- found in lime stone environment 1 st African hominid discovered Preserved in breccia- - Conglomeration of sand, pebbles, and soil in a cement like matrix - Cannot date it with normal techniques Taung - South Africa - 1924 - Box of fossils came to Raymond Dart - Fossils- endocast, skull, mandible - Australopithecines africanus - Juvenile 3 to 4 years old - High forehead - Foramen magnum anterior found from endocast - Gracile build - Brain size- 405 cc - Teeth in jaw helped determine the skull was a baby - Dart published his findings in journal in 1924- small brained but bipedal hominid. Robert Broom - Biggest supporter of dart - Adult Australopithecus africanus - 1947 - Mrs. Ples- sts 5 – nickname for specimen
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: Sterkfontein Africanus
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Unformatted text preview: -Moved bipedally-Retained adaptations to climb trees-2.5 to 2 mya • Osteodontokeratic culture-Dart -1947based on fossilized animal bones-Culture of bone, tooth, horn – turned bones into tools-Hominids hunted-Bone accumulations result of hominids bringing animals into cave and eating them-Since been disproved- they have been the result of other animals hunting • A. Robustus-1950-Robert Brooms-Swartkrans-Lived 2 – 1 mya-Large zygomatic features-Flat face-Large molar and premolar, small incisors and canines-Sagittal crest-South African variant of A. Boisei • Difference between robust and gracile-Comes down to diet-From neck down they are not different-All bipedal-All retain arboreal characteristic...
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ANT 2511 8 April 2011 - -Moved bipedally-Retained...

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