ant 2511 18 april 2011 - heidelbergenesis • Homo erectus...

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Genus Homo 1. Homo erectus culture is full of first 1 st to reach a 1000 cc brain First evidence for simple shelters Earliest occupation of cave sites Widespread evidence for controlled use of fire possibly as early as 700 mya Specialized stone tools and others tools represent increase dependence on culture to hunt and survive 2. Tools Acheulian tool kit: axes most common - Biface- worked on both sides - Cut, scrape, pound, and dig - Target design of tool standardization - Found with remains of large animals: hunting and butchering - Site in southern Kenya - Size of tool important Tool use and the homo erectus mind - New social structure to facilitate group cooperation in hunting was critical - Acheulian tools are more refind the oldowan tools which demonstrated mental template - Rock skin- shist or cortex - For homo erectus this is the first time that hominids are starting to think and act human 3. New hominids on the block
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Homo erectus replaced in Africa and Europe about 500 mya by homo
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Unformatted text preview: heidelbergenesis • Homo erectus continues to live fat, dumb, and happy in east asia until about 130 mya 4. Homo heidelbergensis • 800000-100000 years ago • Height and weight modern • 1280 cc brain • Africa, Asia, Europe • Highly variable morphologic traits • Mauer jaw-1907 Mauer sand pits in Germany-Massive mandible- both primitive ( robust ) and derives small molars-For a long time the oldest European fossil-500000 years ago • Traits-Incipient chin-Massive brow ridges-Compared to homo erectus o Smaller and separated brows o Higher cranial vault o Less prognathic face o Smaller teeth o Thinner vault bones • Atapuerca: sima de los hueros-H. heidelburgensis from 400 kya-Dozens of indiviuals recovered from cave shaft where they were apparently intentionally deposited • What happened to H. heidelburgensis-In Africa evolved into archaic Homo sapiens andeventually us-In Europe evolved into Homo neanderthalensis...
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ant 2511 18 april 2011 - heidelbergenesis • Homo erectus...

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