ant 2511 april 22 2011 - 2 unfortunately the misconceptions...

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4/22/2011 Important discoveries France 1. LaChapelle-aux-Saints 2. 1908 3. Flexed burial 4. 1,620 cc Skull trauma that had healed Neanderthals = brutish thugs? Early Reconstructions Many pathologies taken as evidence of brutishness Marcellin Boule 1. tall and bent from arthritis 2. Depicted as brutish 3. Closer to apes Shanidar, Iraq 1. 60,000 BP 2. ]7 adults; 2 children 3. 4 burials 4. Male 45 years old 5. blow to left side of head 6. probably blind 7. withered arn'trauma to leg and foot 8. Neandethal compassion 9. adult male 10. blindness probably 11. very old from neandethals Shanider 4 The flower burial 1. adult male 2. seed in pollen from flowers found in grave 3. broken animal bones, flint tools, and pollen 4. showed that people threw flowers on him before burying 5. funeral type procession We now know 1. neanderthals were very humanlike in behavior and temperament
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Unformatted text preview: 2. unfortunately the misconceptions live on about them 3. could talk Neanderthals skeletons are adapted for a cold environment 1. shorter 2. more robust 3. bones thicker and exagerated 4. more muscular cranial morphology 1. 1520 cc 2. wide nasal aperture and prognathic for cold adaption 3. much bigger brain than us and heidelbergensis 4. larger sinuses related to cold adaptation which gives them a more prognathic face Postcranial morphology 1. height combined 4.9 to 5.6 feet 2. a cold adaptation to keep warmer 3. weight 110-143 pounds 4. postcrania * robust * barrell chest * powerful muscles speech 1. western asia 2. 60000 bp 3. kebara cave, israel 4. modern hyoid- suggest modern larynx...
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ant 2511 april 22 2011 - 2 unfortunately the misconceptions...

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