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anthro 4 25 2011 - • Blade base tools with specific...

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4/25/2011 Subsistence Hunters 1. Spears, but no propulsion 2. had to get close to prey 3. Eric Trinkaus: Patterns of injury similar to rodeo riders Gathering 1. berries,nuts,and plants. Mousterian Industry Neanderthals invented their own tool kit: Mousterian Industry 1. Wider range of shapes and uses 2. More flakes per core! 3. Extreme Wear on teeth = teeth as tools? Not seen after Mousterian tools become widespread Neanderthal Diet Butchered animal bones found at many sites Chemical evidence indicated importance of meat in diet Neanderthals and Modern Humans.. did we interbreed? Archaeological evidence Overlap in dates and territory between Homo sapiens and Neanderthals suggest coexistence, interbreeding. The Near East- Israel Mt. Carmel Cave Sites Modern H. Sapiens 1. Skhul Cave 2. 120,000 H. neanderthalensis 1. Tabun 2. 110,000 ya Chatelperronian tools Neanderthals borrowed technololgy from amh and modified
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Unformatted text preview: • Blade base tools with specific functions Genetic Evidence • 1970's era tests of mtDNA show similarity between Neandethals and dissimilarity with modern humans • But lack of samples time depth leading challenges to DNA analysis and interpretation. Neanderthal DNA • Neanderthals did not contribute mtDNA to modern humans 1. Differences outside the variation of modern human DNA – more than three times But there's new nucleur DNA evidence • Comparisons to modern human DNA suggest limited interbreeding occurred around 100,000 most likley in the Middle East Neanderthals Are Still with Us • Neanderthals contributed to the modern gene pool in Europe and Asia • Initial data suggest 5-7% of our DNA is shared • Africans have no neanderthal DNA markers. Why?...
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