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anthro 9 - • Share 98.5 DNA with humans Chimpanzee •...

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Apes Hominoids Apes are Catarrhines just like OWM Hominoids (Hominoidea) How do apes differ from monkeys? 1. They don't have a Tail 2. Larger body size 3. Shoulder apdapted for suspensory locomotion 4. Complex behavior with hands and feet Gibbons – genus Hylobates (his favorite ape) Southeast Asia Smallest apes 1. Gibbons 2. Siamang (larger) Arboreal Primarily frugivorous Orangutan – Pongo pygmaeus Pongo abelii “Man of the forest” SE Asian Distribution 1. Pygmaus = Borneo 2. Abelii = Sumatra Largest Asian Apes Frugivores Gorilla – Gorilla gorilla Gorilla beringi Mountains of Eastern Africa Lowlands of Western Africa Terrestrial knucklewalkers Gorilla Populations G. beringi = Mountain and Eastern Lowland G. Gorilla = Western and Cross River Sagital Crest on male Gorillas for intimidation Chimpanzees Pan troglodytes Equatorial Africa
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Unformatted text preview: • Share 98.5% DNA with humans Chimpanzee • Omnivorous 1. group hunting 2. tool use • Arboreal 1. Quadrupedal and suspensory (brachiating) • Terrestrial ( Quadrupedal Knucklewalking) Bonobos Pan paniscus • Last ape species identified • Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) • Swampy equatorial forests of the left bank of the Congo River • Most bipedal species of great apes Bonobo Morphology • Appearrance differs from common chimpanzee • Slender • Muscle definition • Long hind limbs, narrow chests • Black faces • White tail tufts • Small heads • Hair parted down forehead • Overt sexuality is an integral part of society • Linked to agreements among females to share food resources • Serve as a social announcement and affirmation of standing...
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  • Spring '08
  • Sinelli
  • Congo River, Hominidae, hominoids, Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Africa, Gorilla gorilla gorilla

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anthro 9 - • Share 98.5 DNA with humans Chimpanzee •...

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