anthro 12 exam 3 - Absolute Dating Dating an object to get...

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Fossilization and Preservation Paleoanthropologists Reconstruct the past by studying the remains of our fossil ancestors What is a fossil? The remains of an organism chemically changed into rock Fossilization organism dies quickly buried by: 1. Soil sediments 2. Water 3. Sand 4. Mud 5. Ash Soft tissue decays Teeth and bones buried under layers Mineral replacement occurs Shale, siltstone, mudstone and sandstone Dating Methods How do we know how old something is? Used to date a site, remains or artifacts Two kinds of dating: Relative 1. Estimation of age based on some other information from a site Absolute 1. Specific age of an object Relative Dating Speculative date based on: 1. Location, type, similarity, geology and association Law of Superposition The lower layers of earth or artifacts are older than those which lay on top Cultural Dating A relative dating technique that uses changes in material culture to establish a chronology
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Unformatted text preview: Absolute Dating Dating an object to get the most accurate age Actually gives you a number Dendrochronology Dating of past events using tree ring growth Dates up to 9,000 Used to recalibrate C-14 dates Carbon 14 Dating Used to date organic remains C-14 Half-life: 5730 years Up to 50- 60,000 years Potassium- Argon (K/Ar) Dating Half-life 1.3 billion years Finds the date that piece of rock was reset by heating Useful in volcanic regions like east Africa Doesnt work where there are no Volcanoes Reconstruction of Acnient Environments and Landscapes The Driving Force in shaping envornment: temperature Temperature drives climate, which is linked to biology and chemistry...
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anthro 12 exam 3 - Absolute Dating Dating an object to get...

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