April 13th 2011 - Bodo skull Ethiopia, 600,000 bp Stone...

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April 13 th 2011 Early Homo Summary Culture becomes increasingly important over time Tool use becomes critical to survival More meat and a wider variety of plant foods Dietary plasticity improves chance of survival Homo Erectus Hominids go global Homo erectus: Early Homo goes global First discovered by Eugene dubois in java, 1891 Later found in China, Georgia, Europe, and throughout Africa Homo erectus in Africa (1.8-.3mya) Nariokotome skeleton An 80 percent complete skeleton of an 11 year old boy More modern proportions: short arms, long legs Cranial capacity over 900 cc KNM- WT 15000 – “ Turkana Boy” 6 ft in height as adult Tall and thin frame is an adaptation for hot environment
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Unformatted text preview: Bodo skull Ethiopia, 600,000 bp Stone stool marks on the left cheek, eye orbit, and nasal bones Ritual or cannibalism Moving out of Africa Georgia by 1.75 mya SE Asia by 1.7 China by .6 Europe by .8 Dmanisi Republic of Georgia Evidence of early H. erectus from approx. 1.75 mya MNI = 20 One fairly complete skull, one large mandible, and two partial skulls Dminisi Homo erectus Resemblance to East African Homo erectus suggest a rapid spread, by 1.7 m.y.a, of early Homo out of Africa and into Eurasia Most ancient undisputed human fossils outside of Africa...
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April 13th 2011 - Bodo skull Ethiopia, 600,000 bp Stone...

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