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Movie ant 2511 - • Thrusting spear could explain 15...

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Movie- 4-4-11 Neanderthal 1. 1848- Skull discovered on Gibraltar. 2. Thought to be a mix between human and apes 3. Fossil remains found all over Europe 4. German skeleton 5. Full skeleton found and pieced together 6. No more than 5 feet four inches tall 7. Lived during the last ice age 8. Further south where ice was melting Neanderthals could have survived 9. Scientist believe he was biologically adapted to the cold from examining the rib cage 10. Experiment with two people one looking more like a Neanderthal with an ice bath 11. Thermal imaging camera detects skin temperature- More muscular person is retaining more body heat 12. Neanderthal was more muscular so they believe he retained more heat 13. More powerful right arm than left 14. Steve Churchill- Anthropologist Experiment seeing how they hunt One arm stronger than other hypothesis
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Unformatted text preview: • Thrusting spear could explain 15. Ambush hunter 16. Holiday- expert in anatomy of human brains • Brains are much bigger than average human brain • Frontal lobe is same as modern humans • Cognitive abilities same as our own 17. Hyoid Bone found 18. Voice spet-• Higher voice with nasal sound • Very loud 19. Extinction • Climate change • Colder and dryer • Rapid changes • Going back and forth • Climates change within generations • Hunting weapons useless in woodland environment • Modern humans come using lighter spears • Inner ear remains- -Fred spore- expert in an atomical evolution-Canals- part of organelle balance-Organelle balance relates to a gility- larger canal are more agility-Neanderthal canals very s m all-...
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Movie ant 2511 - • Thrusting spear could explain 15...

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