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study guide exam 3 - Primate Behavior Lecture Living in...

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Primate Behavior Lecture Living in groups Advantages: 1. Protection from Predators 2. Improved access to food 3. Access to mates 4. Assistance in protecting and raising offspring 5. Learning Disadvantages 1. More visible to predators 2. Only certain males mate with females Primate Territories All primates are territorial No overlap with other groups Active defense of boundaries Sexual Dimorphism Sexual dimorphism: Morphological difference between males and females Primate Reproductive Strategies: Male's differ from Females' Males compete for access to females; this affects male body and canine size. Sexual dimorphism: Morphological difference between males and females Females compete with each other for resources to support young; this affects social behaviors Getting Food: The Burden is on Mom Searching for and eating food occupies over 50% of a primate's waking hours Males compete, females build relationships Nonhuman Primate Cultural Behavior Cultural behavior: 1. Learned 2. Passed from one generation to the next Chimpanzee Culture 1. Includes tools Fossilization and Dating methods What is a fossil? The remains of an organism chemically changed into rock Fossilization organism dies quickly buried by: 1. Soil sediments
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2. Water 3. Sand 4. Mud 5. Ash Soft tissue decays Teeth and bones buried under layers Mineral replacement occurs Shale, siltstone, mudstone and sandstone Dating Methods How do we know how old something is? Used to date a site, remains or artifacts Two kinds of dating: Relative 1. Estimation of age based on some other information from a site Absolute 1. Specific age of an object Relative Dating
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