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Hominid Adaptations Family Hominidae Hominid 1. Memebers of the Family Hominidae that occurred after the split from african great apes Protohominid 1. Earliest members of the hominid lineage- barely represented in the fossil record 2. Structure and especially behavior are reconstructed hypothetically Brains first or Bipedal first debate in early 20 th century Piltdown Man Piltdown Discovery – 1912 Charles Dawson (1846- 1916) – Lawyer, amateur geologist
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Unformatted text preview: • Fossil remains first unearthed in Sussex grabel pit ca. 1908 Eoanthropus dawsoni Woodward, 1912 • “Dawson's Dawn Man” • Woodward's reconstruction – cranial capacitty of 1,070 cm ^3 • Several “camps” did not accept authenticity, or rather, the “association” of skull fragments and jaw • Others did not accept Woodward's reconstruction...
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