lodging review 3 - BROWN SCANTRON funds set aside by...

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BROWN SCANTRON!! funds set aside by ownership today for future replacement needs of a hotel--FFE one of the areas of the hotel that housekeeping is responsible for--rooms, public areas, offices, dry cleaning, etc. . a type of budget that is not prepared monthly or for more than two years (long-range) is called--annual budget employee responsible for assisting room attendants with their work--housemen person that brings the laundry to the rooms-linen runner "OPL" stands for--off premises laundry who is allowed to generate a "work order"--anybody (everyone should be responsible for the maintenance of the hotel) number of 'par' levels hotel should have is--3 (one on guests bed, one in laundry, one in linen closet) bath towels, hand towels, and wash cloths are called--terry when a hotel room or area in the public space undergoes extraordinary cleaning procedures the area is said to have been--deep cleaned physical trip (tour) of a hotel hosted by a member of the hotel's staff is called--site inspection difference between the original request and the actual pickup of a group is called--attrition
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lodging review 3 - BROWN SCANTRON funds set aside by...

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