Intro To Law Notes - Review Intro To Law Law Definition....

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Unformatted text preview: Review Intro To Law Law Definition. Common Law. legal system inherited from england judge made law Our legal system comes primally from england but roman civil law, corpus luris sivilis, canon law of the Catholic church, Federalism Doctrine of stare decisis or precedent Alternate references for term common law Case law Court Law Unwritten Law Procedural law is how you make something happen. Substantive law is basic legal rights and duties ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Law And Ethics Legal rules and rules of ethics serve different goals. Is an action legal? Is an action morally or ethically correct? Law is imperfect exclusive compliance with the law may fall short of correct behavior. It is possible to comply with the letter of the law and still not act in a moral manner. What are Ethics? Ethics is the study of the general nature of morals and moral choices to be made by the individual in relationships with others Rule or standards governing the conduct of the member of a profession Ethic Terms Morals: Relating to whether conduct is right or wrong, generally similar to ethics although used in a more personal scene Norms : Standards of behavior Normative Judgement: Value judgment as to right and wrong Non-normative: statements of fact which are value neutral....
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Intro To Law Notes - Review Intro To Law Law Definition....

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