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Sara Beg PSY 2012 Section AW59 Kimberly Renk Li, Y. H., & Tottenham, N. (2011, May). Seeing Yourself Helps You See Others. Emotion . Retrieved June 13, 2011, from PsychARTICLES database.
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A number of theories suggest that a person’s ability to accurately recognize facial expressions through both seeing the facial expressions of others as well as familiarity with one’s own face. In this study, experimenters test to see to which extent our own faces help people recognize and process the facial expressions of everyone around them. In some cases, participants who were told not to mimic the expressions of someone else were able to accurately tell when the other person was telling a lie. Past studies and research also suggest that this helps people empathize with others. In fact, the results of past studies have uncovered that in people who have used Botox, which paralyzes facial muscles, their ability to recognize others’ facial expressions was inhibited, because their own facial movement was also inhibited. Because of these studies, there is no doubt that our own facial expressions help us recognize those of others, but in this study, experimenters set out to test the extent of this ability. Two experiments were completed over the course of this study. After potential subjects were screened for neurological disorders, substance abuse, and any serious medical conditions that could have them deemed unfit for these experiments, 72 subjects were tested in the first experiment and 26 were tested in the second. While some of the participants were shown videos of themselves, some of the participants
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researchsummary5 - Sara Beg PSY 2012 Section AW59 Kimberly...

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