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1 Sara Beg HUM 2230 Section 03 Velazquez’s painting, “Las Meninas”, is a prime example of artwork during the Baroque period, featuring Baroque elements such as chiaroscuro and grandiose splendor. However, the poor and lower/middle classes would have different interpretations of the painting because of the certain advantages and disadvantages that accompany their social statuses. The poor’s interpretation of the portrait would be more superficial due to a lack of education and development of critical thinking skills; they would note obvious details like how the subjects of the portrait are wealthy because they can afford a dog as well as a dwarf, while perhaps on a subconscious level noticing the Baroque elements. The middle class, on the other hand, with its higher education and aspirations to earn their way into a higher class, would notice the subtler elements within the painting. The first thing any viewer, regardless of social status, would notice about the portrait is the Infanta Margarita, for various reasons. First, she is almost in the center of the portrait, making her the second-most important object within the painting (with the first being the mirror). Second, the chiaroscuro within the painting places a ray of light directly on Margarita, illuminating her and leaving her attendants and everyone else in the relative darkness, heightening her importance. In turn, the use of chiaroscuro emphasizes the idea of an absolute monarchy, the idea “that rulers held their power directly from God” (Fiero 25). Clearly, the aristocratic class viewed themselves quite highly, seeing themselves at the top of the social pyramid because of the divine right given to them by God. Jonathan Jones, a writer for The Guardian , makes the argument that this sense of self-importance is literally reflected within the painting; the king believes he is “so mighty he must be portrayed indirectly, in a mirror, like the
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Velasquez - 1 Sara Beg HUM 2230 Section 03 Velazquezs...

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