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1 Sara Beg HUM 2230 Section 03 Chagall’s “I and the Village” and Munch’s “The Scream”, both Expressionist paintings from the Modern period, appear to have entirely different attitudes on life. In fact, the two paintings seem to share only one common theme: a sense of equality between man and nature. Chagall’s work, however, is nostalgic in tone, making it likely to appeal more towards an immigrant audience while repelling modern teens, while Munch’s “The Scream” would strike a chord with teens for the perceived frustration and suffering in the painting. Clearly both artists were heavily influenced by events in their own lives: the sense of frustration and struggle that emanates from “The Scream” reflects the frustration Munch felt due to his obsession with “the traumas of puberty and frustrated sexuality” (Fiero 38). The deaths of his mother and sister from tuberculosis certainly did not help the troubled Munch. On the other hand, the nostalgic tone of “I and the Village” was influenced by Chagall’s memories of his native Russia after his relocation to Paris. Unlike “The Scream,” Chagall’s work reflects neither frustration nor struggle, only fondness. Possibly, the green peasant in the forefront of the painting could be the titular ‘I’ in “I and the Village” – perhaps Chagall himself, a self-portrait like Munch’s own in “The Scream.” However, while Munch’s frustrated shriek is only made more terrible by his skull-like visage,
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Chagall & Munch - 1 Sara Beg HUM 2230 Section 03...

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