chapter5onepageanalysis - looking young woman who had her...

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One-Page Analysis: Chapter 5 Sara Beg Ms. Rhonda Nelson Composition 2, Section 29
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The author claims that when looking at an argument one must analyze all rhetorical aspects, such as the targeted audience, and know the argument’s purpose. What strategies are used to appeal to the intended audience? Does the argument succeed or fail? The image on page 104 succeeds in arguing that surviving a crash caused by a drunk driver does not always seem like a blessing. Jaqueline Saburido was 20 years old when she was in a crash with a drunk driver. Four years later, she is still adjusting to life after the accident that disfigured her once-beautiful face. Clearly, the image is aimed at those who are likely to drive drunk, forcing them to see what one selfish act of theirs can do to another’s life. To enforce the message to not drink and drive, the image employs ethos, pathos, and logos. Just looking at the before and after photos makes me question the driver’s character. What kind of selfish person got behind the wheel drunk and did this to a beautiful, happy-
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Unformatted text preview: looking young woman who had her whole life ahead of her? At 24, she now has to continue her life with a face and body entirely unrecognizable to the one she had. As for her character, how has she changed? Is she still as full of life as she appeared to be in the earlier photo or is she now bitter and pessimistic? As for pathos, I wish I could smack the drunk driver upside the head a few times. This poor woman had a whole life ahead of her, now what does she have? Can she even see clearly? I feel nothing but sympathy for Saburido and anger at the drunk driver who did this to her. The logos is in the facts and images. All the important details are present: she was 20 at the time of the accident, is still recovering four years later, was hit by a drunk driver and survived. The images complement the details; this is how she was before the accident, this is how she is now, and the aftermath is not pretty....
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chapter5onepageanalysis - looking young woman who had her...

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