Humanistic Traditions Notes August 29

Humanistic Traditions Notes August 29 - Ancestors evolve...

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Humanistic Traditions Notes August 29 Early Human Survival: social groups Small groups have about 50 individuals Numbers make up for lack of sharp, pointy teeth, claws, etc. Egalitarian: equal input for decision making between male and female adult members of the group Sexual division of labor: biology/physiology and nomadic lifestyle Males hunt and travel while women gather nuts, fruit, etc. near the base camp
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Unformatted text preview: Ancestors evolve into Neanderthals and first modern humans Neanderthals die out Reciprocity = reciprocal, cooperative behavior is essential to survival.- rules of cooperation evolve into laws (one of civilization’s defining features)- disruptive members threatened survival potential of the group and were expelled from the group (expulsion from group = certain death)...
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