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Humanistic Traditions Notes September 3

Humanistic Traditions Notes September 3 - Dragons –...

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Humanistic Traditions Notes September 3 Religious Experience Neurotheology – the neuro-biological search for links between spirituality and the human brain indicates that humans may have evolved for spirituality/religion MRI and SPECT show brain activity during spiritual experience. Changes in brain blood-flow during meditation/prayer. Physical effects: lowers heart rate, breathing, blood pressure. Communication: symbols Transmit important info and enhance survival Petroglyphs: rock paintings
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Unformatted text preview: Dragons – prehistoric threats – fusion of predatory birds, predatory cats, and predatory snakes Dragons are universal – coming from Mesopotamia, Babylon, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Imperial China, Japan, Ethiopia, Aztec culture, Wales, Medieval Britain/Europe Dragons symbolize a threat, either political or geological instability Connected to myth and heroes, ruling authority Guard “treasure” including wisdom and knowledge...
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