Humanistic Traditions Notes September 7

Humanistic Traditions Notes September 7 - secrets of life...

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Humanistic Traditions Notes September 7 – Characteristics of Myth Myth: originally oral tradition, reinforced group bonds and identity 1. Metaphor for spiritual journey, revelation, and transformation 2. Must conquer fears, obstacles, other world, realm of the dead 3. Hero must attain object that symbolizes knowledge, immortality/eternal life, revelation,
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Unformatted text preview: secrets of life, etc. 4. Hero obtains redemption/salvation, healing/renewal, spiritual rebirth, world and cosmic balance is restored 5. Often re-enacted for initiation, rites of passage to adulthood 6. Contains symbols, recognizable motifs, achetypes 7. Sub-text 8. Often continue or assimilate older myths...
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