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Humanistic Traditions Notes September 15

Humanistic Traditions Notes September 15 - Economics 3...

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Humanistic Traditions Notes September 15 Then and now cultural parallels Ancient Greek historian Herodotus wrote that Persian messengers traveled swiftly In 687 ce Islam arrives, builds dome of the rock (mosque). Western wall of the 2 nd temple remains Ancient Egypt: Cultural context Time/place/physical environment: 5500 bce-500ce More stable environment, social, political, and religious life
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Unformatted text preview: Economics: 3 crops a year Physiological – women have equal status to men Art and immortality Religious beliefs: Polytheistic, after life Take everything with them Life is grand and the afterlife is going to be grand Preparation for the afterlife Hieroglyphs – sacred writing Judgment in afterlife – 14 judges hold ankh (life)...
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