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Biostatistical information - accommodate her. The Center...

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In addition to a biostatistician Nurse Smith would need to consult other professionals in order to gather statistical information. Other professionals might include hospital personnel’s, physician, public health department, Center for Disease Control. Hospital personnel’s and physicians are able to provide information on the major type of disease/illness that is treated in their facility. Nurse Smith can contact these persons by telephone or email and set up an appointment to meet and talk with them. She will need to make appointment as these personnel’s are quite busy and will have to plan their schedule in order to
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Unformatted text preview: accommodate her. The Center for Disease Control is able to provide information on the prevalence of diseases in her aggregate. The CDC keeps record of all diseases/infection that are acquired in the community. Such information can be obtained from the CDC website. The public health department is a good source of information for birth and death statistics. Additional information can also be obtained on diseases and illnesses that are prevalent in the community. Stanhope, M. & Lancaster, J. (2008). Public Health Nursing. Population-centered health care in the Community. Mosby, Elsevier. St. Louis, MO....
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