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clinical experience in wholistic nursing

clinical experience in wholistic nursing - or believes is...

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Wholistic nursing is defined as “all nursing practice that has healing the whole person as its goal.” Holistic nursing is a specialty practice that draws on nursing knowledge, theories of nursing and wholeness, expertise and intuition to guide nurses in becoming therapeutic partners with people in strengthening human responses to facilitate the healing process and achieve wholeness. (Dossey & Keegan, p. 52). From my clinical experience I do not think it is possible to practice wholistic nursing without alternative therapy. As an oncology nurse, my practice is centered on wholistic nursing and alternative therapy is always offered to our patients in an effort to make them comfortable. According to Dossey & Keegan, “The holistic nurse is an “option giver” and helps the person develop an understanding of alternatives and implications of various health and treatment options. The holistic nurse first ascertains what the individual thinks
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Unformatted text preview: or believes is happening to them and then assists the person to identify what will help his or her situation”. (p. 55) I believe nursing started out as being wholistic, from the days of Florence Nightingale. We should endeavor to maintain a wholistic form of nursing which should be the standard of care for all nurses. There are a lot of nurses who naturally take into account the total person, without even thinking or ever hearing about holistic nursing. The weekly readings stated that, “Holistic nursing care is centered on the relationship with the person and is healing oriented as contrasted to being oriented toward diseases and their cures” (www.myeclassonline.com). References Dossey, B. & Keegan, L. (2008). Holistic Nursing: A handbook for practice. Jones & Bartlett. Sudbury, MA. South University Online (2011). Weekly readings. Retrieved July 18, 2011 from http://www.myeclassonline.com...
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