Final Project NSG 4065 - FINAL PROJECT 1 Final project for...

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1 FINAL PROJECT Final project for complementary and alternative methods South University Nursing 4065 August 12, 2011
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2 FINAL PROJECT F.K. is a 37 year old female with no past medical history. She was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer and underwent a complete thyroidectomy followed by radiation therapy. She was very healthy and had no medical condition previously. She exercised regularly, maintained a healthy diet and her weight was within normal range. She has two daughters aged 16 and 12. She lives in an apartment with her boyfriend and her 12 year old daughter. She is currently unemployed and relies on her boyfriend for complete support. Her last follow up labs was abnormal and she was informed by her physician that she will need to do another round of radiation treatment. She is very concerned about the outcome of her labs and is scared to undergo the follow up treatment. She has no relatives within her neighborhood and relies on friends for emotional support. Her friends are not many and at times she felt alone but called upon the Lord for comfort. She grew up in a Christian home and although she is not an avid Christian, she attends church regularly and firmly believes in the Lord. She believes that she can be healed with the help of her doctor, but the Lord has a major hand in the plan. She has no special religious or spiritual practices but believes that doctors are given knowledge by God in order to help/ heal the sick. F.K. is presently taking Synthroid and will have to do so for the rest of her life. She is not very happy about that but understand the importance of following /maintaining the medication regimen. She sometimes feels depressed and wondered
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Final Project NSG 4065 - FINAL PROJECT 1 Final project for...

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