genetic screening - Genetic screening 1 Issues surrounding...

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Genetic screening 1 Issues surrounding genetic screening South University Nursing 4070 July 3, 2011 Genetic screening 2 Issues surrounding genetic screening
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According to the free dictionary, genetic screening is the scientific procedure of examining genetic makeup to determine if an individual possesses genetic traits that indicate a tendency toward acquiring or carrying certain diseases or conditions. The laws generally protect the interests of those who suffer from genetic disease, offer federal and state subsidies for counseling, and support research in genetic diseases. Mary is contemplating pregnancy and would like to know if she carries the trait for a rare disease that might affect her offspring, so she is thinking about genetic screening. There are many issues that may arise from the genetic screening including proper application of the principles of autonomy, maintaining privacy and confidentiality, beneficence, non-maleficence, use of informed consent and the question of justice. The main issue in genetic screening is how to maintain privacy and confidentiality of the genetic information that has been obtained. The information obtained is of a sensitive nature and can have devastating impact on the individual and family, therefore strict adherence to privacy
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genetic screening - Genetic screening 1 Issues surrounding...

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