medico-legal cases - Case # 1 Jessie Mae Ferguson was in...

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Case # 1 Jessie Mae Ferguson was in her thirty-ninth week of pregnancy and has been seen at Griffin Spalding County Hospital for pre-natal care. The examining physician has found and advised the mother that the afterbirth was between the baby and the birth canal; that it was virtually impossible that that condition would correct itself prior to delivery; and that it was a 99% certainty that the child cannot survive natural childbirth (vaginal delivery). The chances of defendant surviving vaginal delivery were no better than 50%. The examining physician advised the mother that there will be an almost 100% chance that the baby will survive if a delivery by Caesarean section is done before labor begins ( On the basis of religious beliefs, Miss Ferguson advised the Hospital that she does not need surgical removal of the child and will not submit to it and she refused to take any transfusion of blood. She believes that the Lord has healed her body and that whatever happens to the child will be the Lord’s will. The Georgia Department of Human Resources, acting through the Butts County Department of Family and Children Services, petitioned the Juvenile Court of Butts County for temporary custody of the unborn child, alleging that the child was a deprived child without proper parental care necessary for his or her physical health and praying for an order requiring the mother to submit to a caesarean section. Based on the evidence presented, the Court concludes and finds as
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medico-legal cases - Case # 1 Jessie Mae Ferguson was in...

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