Past experience with cancer

Past experience with cancer - I t is important to assess a...

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Unformatted text preview: I t is important to assess a patient’s thoughts and beliefs about health and illness to get an u nderstanding of their thought process as well as their belief towards their illness. Past experience with cancer in another family member can impact a patient’s own health and healing negatively or positively, depending on how t raumatic the experience was. According t o Dossey & Keegan, “Memories are accompanied by emotions that, in turn, are inf luenced and affected by the context in which they were acquired. A particularly t raumatic experience is stamped in the memory with special strength. Subsequent stimuli in new situations and emotional experiences can attach to and reawaken past memories. These r eactivated thoughts and emotions direct and shape our actions” (page 608) For a person who has had a bad experience with cancer, being diagnosed with cancer can cause him/her to be wary of any t reatment plan that might be offered. On the negative side, if a family member was diagnosed with cancer and die within a short period of time and had no opportunity to be cured then it might lead another family member to think that t he same thing might happen to them. On the positive side, if the family member gets t reatment for cancer and is cured as a result then the patient might be more optimistic and be more inclined to participate in any t reatment plan that is offered. Memories are things t hat stay with us whether they are bad or good and any past experience with cancer will have a lasting effect on anyone who is diagnosed with the disease. References Dossey, B. & Keegan, L. (2008). Holistic Nursing: A handbook for practice. Jones & Bartlett. Sudbury, MA ...
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Past experience with cancer - I t is important to assess a...

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