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Gibson describes empowerment in the health care arena as “a social process of recognizing, promoting and enhancing people's abilities to meet their own needs, solve their own problems and mobilize the necessary resources in order to feel in control of their own lives … a process of helping people to assert control over the factors which affect their health” (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, p. 487) Nurses cannot empower others; instead we act as enablers for patient empowerment. Empowerment involves risk and commitment and requires courage and compassion. If patients are empowered to take control of his or her case they have to be prepared for all the issues that might arise. One of the risks that might occur is the inability to access needed resources.
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Unformatted text preview: As nurses we have to remember that not everyone is aware of the resources that are available and how to access them. We have to act as patient’s advocates and help them to discover how to access resources. Some patients have both desire and skills to take charge of their lives; some have desire but need to improve their skills, while others have limitations in ability and desire (Burkhardt & Nathaniel p. 486). An empowered patient with limitations in ability and desire is at risk for self-care deficit. In order to keep these patients functional they may require constant support and encouragement. References Burkhardt, M. & Nathaniel, A. (2007). Ethics and issues in contemporary nursing. Clifton Park. NY. Delmar Publishing....
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