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According to Burns and Grove," Sampling involves selecting a group of people,events,behaviors,or other elements with which to conduct a study." (p.324) In this research, study data on diabetic indicators were collected from four clinics on a quarterly basis. The clinics included, 1 the diabetes clinic, 2. a clinic staffed by hospital staff physicians with faculty appointments, 3. a clinic staffed by medicine residents from Tulane University Medical School and 4. a clinic staffed by medicine residents from LSU Medical School. The two resident clinics were held in the same location, and there were no significant differences between them. The accessible population was patients with diabetes who are
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Unformatted text preview: seen in a primary care clinic. The sample is representative in terms of age, gender and ethnicity. The sample size was adequate because the study was designed to compare the care of diabetic patients in different primary care settings at the same hospital and considerable variations were found. The study showed that patients treated in different practice settings in a large urban public hospital differ significantly in their adherence with diabetes practice guidelines. Reference Burns, N & Grove, S.(2007). Understanding Nursing Research. Saunders. St.Louis, MO Suwatee,P; Lynch,J. & Pendergrass, M. Quality of care for diabetic patients in a large urban...
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