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The term transpersonal self is defined as “the self that transcends personal individual identity and meaning to include purpose, meaning, values, and unification with universal principles”. In what way do you think being aware of and connecting to this aspect of the self would affect health and healing? Dossey & Keegan states, “Within a transpersonal perspective, people are more than the body physical and the mind as contained in that body. A transpersonal perspective acknowledges that all people are body, mind, and spirit or soul and that interactions between people engage each of these aspects of the self” (p.92). A transpersonal human being must be aware that they are more than just a body. They have to look deep into themselves and bring out the best there is.
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Unformatted text preview: Being aware of your transpersonal self will give you a more positive outlook on life. We have to think positive and portray good attitudes which will help to enhance our health and facilitate healing. As health care professionals we have to set aside our negative attitudes when we are dealing with patients as being negative does not allow for good patient outcomes. We have to give of ourselves, body, mind, soul and spirit, and act in a manner that will promote healing. Transpersonal human caring provides the context for holistic nurses to facilitate healing—the emergence of right relationship—in patients and clients. (Dossey & Keegan, p. 92) References Dossey, B. & Keegan, L. (2008). Holistic Nursing: A handbook for practice. Jones & Bartlett. Sudbury, MA....
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