Visualization is the use of external images

Visualization is the use of external images - A person may...

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There are many factors that may make the internal imagery experience different even though two people may be exposed to the same external images. A person’s experience/view of an image can cause either positive or negative feedback, example a person looking at the picture of a waterfall may have fond memories because it seems soothing to them or they may have had a wonderful day at a falls with their family, while another person looking at the same waterfall may have had a bad experience or suffer a tragic loss at a waterfall and may feel fear or anger when looking at it. Another factor is the person’s perception of the image.
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Unformatted text preview: A person may have a good perception of an image such as a religious painting or a picture of a religious scene. If the person is religious or spiritual it may evoke good internal imagery but if the person is not religious or spiritual then it will evoke negative internal imagery. In times of illness and crisis, people may have spontaneous spiritual experiences and images. It is advisable to learn about these images so that patients can be supported and derive benefit from their experience. (p.303) References Dossey, B. & Keegan, L. (2008). Holistic Nursing. A handbook for practice. Jones & Bartlett. Sudbury, MA...
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