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Unformatted text preview: Orin McMillen Four Season’s Fountain Self Assessment Rhetorical Knowledge 1. I have learned that in an analytical writing, you can’t just regurgitate information. You have to put in a order that makes sense to the audience. 2. the purpose is pretty much like that of a research paper, but with more details on why, and where questions. 3. the topic I choose was the deciding factor on what I researched about and what my writing context was. I think that my paper is strong overall, and therefore cannot choose a spot that is weaker or stronger. 4. My voice in this paper is very professional, because I am trying to get information to my readers and my teacher, and no one would take my paper seriously if I didn’t. however, if I didn’t add any interesting facts or anything like that, my readers would get bored and not pay attention, so there for my tone is informative in a semi business way. Both my tone and voice played a major role in my paper in the sense that if I didn’t have a unique...
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