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4 Seasons Fountain

4 Seasons Fountain - McMillen 1 Orin McMillen 8 September...

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McMillen 1 Orin McMillen 8 September 2008 Mrs. Neal English 150 Four Season’s Fountain Since the first class of people graduated from Iowa State University in 1872, there have been many changes, and additions. Some of the greatest works of art you will see around campus were built or painted by faculty or even ordinary students, just like you and I. It’s that freedom, and opportunity that make Iowa State Unique. One of the more public works was accomplished 1942, with the construction of the Four Season’s Fountain. The Fountain of the Four Seasons was created by Christian Peterson in 1942, with some help from the 1937 VEISHEA committee. Needless to say, it wasn’t his first work of art. All around campus one can find sculptures by Peterson. For example, the figures at the gymnasium were Peterson’s work, and so was the Marriage Ring in the home economics building. Another work of art you may have noticed is the statues of the Library Boy and Girl. According to Christian Peterson, by Lea Rosson Delong, the Library Boy and Girl,” are in the room containing Wood’s Breaking the Prairie , and they
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