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Economic Crisis: Friend or Foe? Pessimism is all too common in today’s society. Too many people are viewing the glass as “only half full” instead of “only half empty”. Take, for example, the current economic status in the world. Upon asking just about anyone, you will find that they only have negative things to say about it. But what people forget is that for every door that closes, a window opens. So why, then, is there all the negativity towards the economic state that we’re in? Rather than jumping to the conclusion that everyone is a hateful “Debbie Downer”, people started to realize what was really going on. They noticed upon talking to said “Debbie Downer” that they never even brought up the positives. Not once did they say, “The negatives outweigh the positives”, so that must mean that they don’t know the positives to argue against them. There is at least one thing, but it’s a great thing. In fact, the first one is so easy, 9 year old Larry Bennington was able to tell us.
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