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Lecture review - on I thought the movie was alright It...

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Orin McMillen 29 th November Mrs. Neal English 150 Lecture Reflection On September 15 th , I attended the lecture where we watched “What Would Jesus Buy?” It was a satirical film about “Reverend Billy and his ‘Church of Stop Shopping’ gospel choir.” They toured the country telling people to stop spending so much. They were telling people not to buy things that were made in sweat-shops because it was promoting child labor. They were “preaching” to people about Jesus and how he would only buy the necessities. They pointed out how people realized that there things going wrong, but they won’t do anything about it, and how it’s a vicious circle that will just get worse as time goes
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Unformatted text preview: on. I thought the movie was alright. It wasn’t that funny to me, but other people in the room seemed to enjoy it. I did like how they pointed out the growing problem of peoples’ debt. It mentioned how most people go all out and spend lots of money and put it on credit cards. I was amazed to hear that most people won’t have their bills from Christmas paid off until around October of the next year. I did find it humorous when they paraded around with Mickey Mouse on a cross. Overall, I thought the movie made it’s point and was enjoyable....
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