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Class Notes - Intel running out of ideas for improvements...

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Session 29 Intel Case: The Innovation of the Microprocessor What was Intel’s 1 st major product? DRAM (memory chip) How was Intel able to stay ahead of its DRAM competitors? (Sustainable competitive advantage) First mover advantage based on innovation capabilities o Innovative chip designs with superior performance features o Production process innovations (TD) to mass produce innovative chips Intel introduced the next generation of superior DRAM chips once companies with superior production efficiencies (TI,NEC) had managed to produce the older chips Reasons for erosion of Intel’s market share? Declining relative performance advantages for Intel’s DRAM chips!
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Unformatted text preview: Intel running out of ideas for improvements Competitors improved ability to imitate Intels innovations Innovation of the Microprocessor How was the microprocessor invented? Was it the result of a large Intel R&D effort to find innovative new chip designs? o Minor external contract work for a Japanese handheld calculator company o Design ownership converted to Japanese and had to be bought back Accidental and unplanned innovation But perfect timing, right? o Struggling core product o Very promising innovative product...
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