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Session 22 The 1990’s Morgan motor co. publicly announced that they wouldn’t implement any of the recommended changes Waiting list remained high during 1990 o Hundreds of additional orders after BBC show Charles Morgan enrolled in program teaching modern manufacturing practices and spearheaded incremental changes New paint shop added (=major investment) During 1990 multiple incremental improvements of production process and product while retaining hand-build traditional approach 1999: Charles Morgan becomes Managing Director; weekly production increased to 11 cars/week 2000: new car called Areo 8 is launched o Collaboration w/ BMW
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Unformatted text preview: o Aluminum frame and body, many new modern features o Produced “by-hand” in new factory using more modern technology o Immediate waiting list of 550 orders o Price $110,000 • Sir Jones revisits its factory and proclaims Aero 8 an outstanding success • Up-date: o Peter morgan died Oct 20, 2003 o Still a family business w/ Charles morgan as CEO, but strong external managers and external investors o Produces Aero 8, plus 8 and plus 4 in both old and new factory o Waiting list about 12 months (last yrs claim on the website) o 100 yr anniversary celebrations this summer in Malvern Link...
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