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Executive Summary - we kept the long term in the front of...

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FYI is a new computer manufacturing firm that focuses on supplying quality computers that meet our customers’ expectations, at competitively low prices. Our strategy is to focus on smaller, high margin segments at first, so we may grow smart, not fast. Our target geographic areas are those who fall into the middle of the cost/size continuum, and then eventually, be global. We want to focus on our customers first, by offering exceptional computers at low prices, and becoming a high service provider in the market. Next, we hope to focus on our employees, as they are an essential part of our firm. The reason our firm was not as desirable as some of our competitors was because we wanted to make sure
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Unformatted text preview: we kept the long term in the front of our minds. We want to build a strong base to build off of, rather than just making all of our decisions for the short term. We plan that as time goes on, our customers will see that we stand behind our values and mission statement instead of making empty promises. Our brand name will resemble reliability and quality. Also, as you may see from our scorecard, FYI is leading the industry in HR management (.744). This is because we believe our employees are one of the most important assets and want to care of them. Overall, FYI has a promising future for it and its success in the future will benefit those who invested and believed in us....
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