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To start up MORR Stainers, we would need to get an initial investment of $9,880.20 Use of Funds Item Cost 2 in. fine hair brushes $10 ( 4 @ $2.50 a piece) 3 in fine hair brushes $15.96( 4 @ $3.99 a piece) 4 in fine hair brushes $25.88 ( 4 @ $6.47 a piece) 9. 12 ft canvas drop cloth $47.92 ( 4 @ $11.98 a piece) 4 ft push pad paint brush $ 29.76 ( 4 @ $7.44 a piece) Troy built 2500 psi power washer $1,076 ( 4 @ $269.00) 6 ft step ladder $216.00 ( 4 @ $54.00) 16 ft ladder $59.00 (1 @ $59.00) Attorney Fees $5,000.000 (according to http://www.costhelper.com/cost/ small-business/llc.html ) Marketing $1,400.00 ( 10,000 door knob signs @ $.14) http://www.victorystore.com/campaign/door_knob_hange rs/ Cash (working capital and reserve) $2,000 Total required funds $9,880.20 To obtain the initial investment amount, we will start by asking our families. Orin’s family has a
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Unformatted text preview: disaster restoration company so we are hoping that they could invest $2,000 and in return, get discounts on our services and a return of 15% on their investment. We hope to get about $2,000 from each of the other owners families and offer them 15% as well. If we can do that, it leaves us with just $1,880.20 not accounted for. If we each put in $300.00 of our own money, that leaves us with just $680.20 left to get. In order to get it we plan to ask extended family and close friends, offering them 12% return on their investment. All of these investors can expect their money back in their hands by the end of the summer....
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