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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 16 Versailles Palace of Louis XIV Had sculptured gardens, and 1400 fountains, and hundreds of rooms, for both use and for show Water was not well irrigated; had to be pumped all the way from the River Seine 5,000 people lived in the palace, and thousands from the adjacent town visited daily The cost of the palace was over 100 million French pounds; Louis had the receipts burned Duc de Saint-Simon spent much of his time here View of Versailles painting, by Pierre Patel the Elder in 1668 When the court and king moved here in 1682, it became the envy of the Continent Louis XIV Only four years old when he came to throne Tutored by Cardinal Jules Mazarin, who took over from Richelieu as chief minister At the age of 13, Louis was declared to have reached his majority It was not until Mazarin died ten years later that Louis actually began to rule Seen as the greatest king ever by many Attempted to tame the French by requiring their attendance in his court His residence of Versailles was the most astonishing palace in Europe Made everyone scratch on the door with a fingernail, instead of knocking The French language replaced Latin as the universal European tongue Leading noblemen of France woke up early so that they could see his wake up and hear his first words James VI of Scotland Became James I of England when his cousin Queen Elizabeth I died Not a lovable monarch, but was capable and generous...
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chelseaupload - Chapter 16 Versailles Palace of Louis XIV...

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