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In Class Hume Notes 4 - -we know its grounded in experience...

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In Class Hume Notes 4/11/11 -Locke and Leibniz maintain that if we only have senses, experience, memory, we can never have knowledge of future only habit, we must have innate knowledge -Hume is saying that we don’t have that innate principle -we only have connection of experiences -there is only ever one experience following another -not that we shouldn’t believe that connection -were just not given fundamental principles governing reality -only given the way in which they seemed to be connected -knowledge is not a lot of evidence to support something -rather a Cartesian certitude, if any reason for counter example in the future then there is no knowledge -it’s an observational, experiential knowledge that he is discussing, just not a priori or of certainty -also have knowledge of operations of our minds -cause and effect = conjunction of two matters of fact -part 2 of section 4 -process of the mind that draws the inference between cause and effect
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Unformatted text preview: -we know its grounded in experience but what is its foundation?-concludes that there isnt one! (bottom of pg 21, top of 22)-it is beyond our reasoning-our understanding isnt involved in these inferences however we cant help but draw them nonetheless-principle by which we do that = custom or habit (is a principle of human nature)-when there is no correlation between things, reasoning goes out the window-the relationships we do see are grounded in experience, not in reason-no matter how reliable laws of physics are, you only will ever have a connection of experiences and events-can never get at nature of reality itself-how does he start part 5?-skepticism on common life (summary first full paragraph on 27)-hes telling us that everything is a possibility but dont worry too much, it probably wont happen to you! (you blowing up at any given moment could happen but probs wont)-next class: difference between belief and imagination...
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