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Kant – In class 4/25/11 -wrote two versions of this critique, in 1781 and 1787 -aim: wants to put metaphysics on path of secure science -sees logic on secure path, as well as math, and now science -secure path = generates knowledge, has firm footing -sees in history of philosophy lots of faltering, disagreement, controversy -wants to figure out how we can have a priori knowledge in metaphysics -response especially to modern philosophy -wants to have statements of fact about the world grounded in reason, not experience -compares himself to Copernicus -Copernicus changed our perspective of astronomy from earth as center of universe, Kant will change our perspective from world as center to mind as center -switching us (understanding) and objects -we try to understand the object as it is but we have failed -used to want to conform our minds to the objects -wants us to rather start with our minds, objects have to conform to our understanding instead (pg 21) -what does it mean that objects conform to us? -pg 43 largely replying to Hume, saying that we can say with absolutely certainty
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