Leibniz 'origination of things'

Leibniz 'origination of things' - Leibniz, On the Ultimate...

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Leibniz, On the Ultimate Origination of Things -One Being (God) -ruler, outside of finite things -“ultimate reason for things” -no reason in individual/collection for their existence (example of chain of states of books existing from other copies) -will never find complete explanation for world -for both its nature and cause of existence -infinite regress of reason for things ending at God -world is imagined as eternal -reason cannot be found w/in, must be external -even if no cause, must be reason - cause does not equal reason -in things that persist, reason = essence/nature itself -in series of changeable things, reason = superior strength of certain inclinations -even if world assumed eternal, cannot escape ultimate reason for things as God -reasons for world are external to chain of things which constitutes it -must move past physical/hypothetical necessity (later things come from earlier ones) -to absolute/metaphysical necessity (cannot be given reason) -present world is physical/hypothetical necessary -but not absolute/metaphysical -ultimate reason must be in metaphysical necessity, so… -reason for existing thing is from thing that exists, so… -entity of metaphysical necessity must exist -whose essence is existence and differs from plurality/chain of things -(to help explain how temporal/contingent/physical truths come from eternal/essential/metaphysical truths) -“essence in and of itself strives for existence” (150) -since something exists rather than nothing
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Leibniz 'origination of things' - Leibniz, On the Ultimate...

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