Locke Notes - Locke Notes -understanding sets man apart...

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Locke Notes - understanding sets man apart from all things -worthy of enquiry -hard to direct towards itself -but beneficial in pursuing other things -aim to explore extent of human knowledge plus belief, opinion, and assent -not physical mind, essence, sensation, or ideas -will rather explore faculties of man and their objects -to find if there is truth and if man can know it -method to seek bounds b/t opinion and knowledge 1) look for origin of ideas/notions and how understanding knows them 2) show certainty, evidence, and extent of knowledge understanding has 3) look at nature/grounds of faith/opinion (what we assent as true) and reasons -(4)if we can understand extent of knowledge, then we can learn to be content with what we cannot know or understand instead of assenting ignorantly -idea: the object of the understanding -1 st enquiry = how ideas get into the mind Book 1. Neither principles nor ideas are innate - chapter 1 : no innate principles in the mind -there are no innate ideas because all knowledge can be proved by natural faculties -his reasons for doubting concept of innate ideas: -there are both speculative and practical ideas agreed upon by all men so are agreed to be brought with souls of men at first being (universal consent) -truth of these ideas not proved by universal assent, can be proved by other means -there are no ideas to which everyone assents -“what is, is” and “one thing cannot be and not be” not assented by all -not by idiots, children, etc. -so not innately imprinted on soul
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Locke Notes - Locke Notes -understanding sets man apart...

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