6th Meditation Notes

6th Meditation Notes - 6th Meditation Notes Concerning the...

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6th Meditation Notes Concerning the Existence of Material Things, and the real Distinction between Mind and Body -knows material things can exist (object of pure mathematics that are clear/distinct) -if I can perceive it clear/distinct, God can bring it about -faculty of imagination applied to material things seems to imply their existence -imagination= application of knowing faculty to a body present -body therefore exists (now going to clarify that) -step 1: difference between imagination and intellection -always imagine something when thinking about corporeal thing -like 3 lines of triangle -figure of 1000 sides, my representation will be confused and not that figure -also won’t be help in understanding that figure, its properties, etc. -I can understand figure without my imagination -however imagination helps understand in different ways - imagination takes an effort by the mind that understanding does not -that is difference b/t imagination and intellection -power of imagination not required for my own essence/of my mind (since differs from power of understanding) -without it, wouldn’t change who I am -must depend on something outside of me -when understands, mind turns towards self and looks at ideas in it -imagines, turns towards body and puts in the body something that conforms to either: -an idea understood by the mind -or perceived by sense -this is how imagination is actualized if body exists -probable that some body exists -habit of imagining other things such as colors, sounds, tastes, pains -not as distinctly as pure mathematics
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6th Meditation Notes - 6th Meditation Notes Concerning the...

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