Descartes’ Methods 4+5 Notes

Descartes’ Methods 4+5 Notes - Descartes...

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Descartes’ Methods Part 4: -I think therefore I am = first principle of his philosophy -rejecting what he had thought to be true, except this statement -since he can doubt things, he exists -in order to exist, need nothing other than to think -need no other place, depend on no other material -soul is easier to know than the body -even without the body, the soul would not cease to be what it is -what we conceive is true; distinguishing between what we conceive is the hard part -he is not perfect since he doubts (to know is more perfect than to doubt) -search for how he knows what is more perfect i.e. from some perfect nature ( 34 ) -he creates perfect things inside of him (earth, light, heat, etc.) -nothing in them were superior to him so he created them -if true, came from his nature -if false, came from nothing/from a defect in him -his conception of something more perfect than himself -could not have been placed by him i.e. something less perfect -had to have been placed by God -if there was nothing more perfect than himself, he would have all the perfections that he
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Descartes’ Methods 4+5 Notes - Descartes...

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