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Chapter 6-7 Wendell - function in society If they function...

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Chapter 6: Why is it that parents must consult the ‘issue’ of their child’s independence if they are disabled? Why is independence from their parents so stressed and the blame placed on the shoulders of the parents rather than on the disability? I think this is relevant for discussion because I find this to be an interesting comparison between parenting of children without disabilities and parenting children with disabilities. It is important to notice that society, not the parents who know the child best, is who gets to judge the child’s need and capability for independence. This seems ridiculous to me. Is it not the duty of the parents to care for their child as long as they need it? Why force independence if your child thrives and is happy in your care? It seems unnecessary since the main difference between children with disabilities and children without them is the way they are raised. Children without disabilities are raised to encourage their independence while children with disabilities are raised to encourage however they can
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Unformatted text preview: function in society. If they function best under their parent’s care, what is the problem? Chapter 7: Why does disability effect women’s lives more than men, according to Wendell? I think this is important to talk about because it comes down to Wendell’s point of view concerning the difference between male and female disability. I think she wants us to see that due to woman holding her looks and physical capabilities/characteristics to a higher and more self-important standard than man, disability comes at a much higher risk. I think it is also important to discuss Wendell’s point that women come from a much more private sphere than men, making their disability quite often ignored or undermined and therefore its effects magnified. I also think it is important to discuss the supposed ‘fragility’ of woman as compared to man that Wendell seems to be discussing....
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