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PHL 355 Second sex 1 - Beauvoir criticizes having children...

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Beauvoir criticizes having children to fill a “carnal plenitude”(512), as if to “acquire in the infant an equivalent of the penis”(511). This appalls Beauvoir in the same way she opposes women being seen as the Other . Men seek out women to dominate them, according to her, in order to fulfill their carnal pleasures and station as men. According to her, women often have children in order to have something to dominate, in order to gain the upper hand or position of dominance in a relationship that they could not have anywhere else. The child is also something soft to touch, as all women seek in life, or as Beauvoir says “a living doll”(512). I think it is the act of having children only to satisfy one’s own needs that Beauvoir is most opposed to. To have something to cuddle, to love her unlike her husband or abusive family, etc. is unfair to the child. It is placing the child in a position that it cannot handle. Children, as Beauvoir points out, cannot, and should not have to, handle the strains that adults can. When women
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