final! - Molly Shifrin PHL 241 April 27th, 2009 Final Paper...

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Molly Shifrin PHL 241 April 27 th , 2009 Final Paper – Artwork Analysis In creating my artwork, I was trying to express my very jaded opinion of young love, especially in war times such as these. Using the juxtaposition of the images of young couples caught up in love’s embrace and images of war, I tried to get the point across that just because war is threatening our age, it does not mean that whatever hormonal shifts teenagers and young lovers are experiencing is actual love. I feel like my generation is so dramatic about love and teenage rebellion in the first place that war only adds to their hysterics. This opinion especially stems from my brother’s recent decision to get married before he leaves to serve the United States Marine Corps in Iraq next August. Rushed by his deployment, I feel like he has skipped past true love in order to find what he thinks he needs to experience before he leaves for war. I personally find this silly. Don’t get me wrong, of course I believe in love, it’s just that in such rushed conditions, love must be hard to find and a lot of the “love” that seems to sprouting up in everyone’s hearts must be purely illusion. I chose to display these images with pictures found on the Internet, both printed and drawn. I also chose to display them within Polaroid photos, representing our age and the “hip ness” of such photography during our century. Displaying them on a simple, black photo board was simply an artistic decision. I felt that displayed together, they made my point more clearly. The process, for me, was a very large part of this artwork. I am not used to working within such small constraints, as I usually paint with oils on much larger
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surfaces. Challenging myself this way, to work so much smaller, was very important to me. It went along with the other challenge that this piece posed for me which was adding
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final! - Molly Shifrin PHL 241 April 27th, 2009 Final Paper...

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