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Protocol 11-25 Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus Existentialism: - There are no absolute values – each individual must determine their own values. - “Existence precedes essence”: There is no preceding definition of a human, each human must create their own meaning through how they live their life. For every other living creature, their “essence precedes their existence.” - Humans are “thrown into the world” to determine their own existence. - Blank slate concept, in reference to how we make moral decisions: no formerly established pressures or influences. - 2 key concepts are freedom and individuality - We are free to make decisions and determine our own essence, and from this stems a distinct tradition of individuality. Some Questions: 1. Is each individual responsible for the problems of the community? We have the freedom to choose, so our choosing not to help others in destitute situations perpetuates their problem. It is equally bad to not do something about a problem as it is to cause the problem. On the other hand, it was their individual decision
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