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Study guizzide - 1.Why does being bad to ones enemies...

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1.Why does being bad to one’s enemies result in injustice, according to Socrates? A. pg 12 in Republic- People harmed are bound to be unjust. a. Polemarchus – traditional conception of Justice i. Owe help to friends and harm enemies ii. Under Polemarchus’ view justice is the craft of stealing (pg 9) B. How does one know that their friends are good? a. …enemies bad? b. The nature of justice is that it can’t harm anyone – even enemies c. It can only improve 2. How does Thrasymachus support his conception of justice? A. Justice is the advantage of the stronger a. Pg. 15 ex: rulers and law b. Pg. 17 ex: ruler knows what is best B. Just man vs. unjust pg. 21 a. As partners unjust receives more b. Taxes unjust pays less c. Poltiical office – just person’s private affairs deteriorate because he has neglected them. Opposite for unjust man. Note: more freedom as unjust man. 3. In what sense does the cave allegory (Republic VII) corresponds to the divided line (Republic VI)? A. Sparknotes B. Line demonstrates the cognitive activity of which a human being is capable a. Imagination – chained prisoners i. Gives us shadows, fire b. Visible sensible realm – Belief
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Study guizzide - 1.Why does being bad to ones enemies...

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